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Contact Us Today at (303) 881-5150

Contact Us Today at (303) 881-5150

Contact Us Today at (303) 881-5150

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Master Dan Piller has valued member of my staff for over a decade. In his current role as Secretary General he has taught classes around the world and acted as our international ambassador. He also teaches seminars on our self-defense art in the US, and host national training camps yearly.

Master Piller’s selfless dedication to helping others is evident in everything he does. I am sure that those that have learned from him are more self-confident and prepared for dangerous situations. I happily recommend him to anyone seeking an instructor of the highest quality.
Tae Jung
World Hapkido Association

I first knew Master Dan Piller as a young boy in my Judo class’s years ago before his family moved to Colorado. When we renewed our relationship four years ago, he had grown up and become a master martial artist in his own right. Since, then, I have had the opportunity to observe Master Piller’s character, technical skills and teaching. They are impressive enough so that when I grow up, I want to be like him.

My name is Drew Wickham and I am a professional teacher. I am a retired science and math teacher at the secondary level with 27 years of service. I am an adjunct instructor for several local community colleges in suburban Chicago. Since 1973, I have been involved in: primary, secondary and community college education, YMCA and park district programs since 1960 and in martial arts by way Judo since 1959. I hold the rank of 6th degree Black Belt in Judo. Over my 52 years in Judo, I have studied Judo across our nation and in Japan and have known Olympic and World Class players and instructors. Master Piller, in my opinion, is a World Class instructor.

Each martial art has their own unique system of ranking/skill level but for the most part, they are similar enough that martial arts ranking/ability can be understood by comparing the rank structure to earning college degrees: 1st degree black belt – bachelors, 2nd degree – masters, 3rd degree – PhD, 4th degree is the equivalent of specializing like a MD, a 5th degree is comparable to becoming a teacher of teachers. Earning ranks beyond 5th degree in the martial arts ranking structure is comparable to earning the rank of emeritus professor and beyond that recognition of international professional organizations. While earning various college degrees requires mental discipline, dedication, time, money and determination, martial arts ranks have the added dimensions of physical stress, sweat, pain from strains and sprains, blood, contusions, broken bones and dislocations. The physical demands of study and practice meet or exceed what is asked of our armed forces. Something a college degree does not do.

In studying a martial art in Asia, one needs to understand that for American to go to Japan or Korea they are subjected to extreme levels of testing to make sure that they are up to standard. Master Piller has done this so well that he is World Secretary to the World Hapkido Association. His technical abilities and teaching skills are of such quality that he has represented them teaching/giving clinics and awarding promotions in Europe, Russia, India and Central America. This is something that is unique in any martial art circles which is to have a foreigner represent your martial art to the World.

Drew Wickham
South Suburban Judo Club

I often travel the country to train in martial arts and teach seminars and I can say that KiMAC is truly a special place – filled with special people. The students are first class and the Head Instructor – Master Dan Piller – is second to none in terms of technical expertise and teaching ability. It is no wonder he has produced so many excellent students.”

-Master Monty Hendrix
World HapKiDo Assocation Eastern U.S. Director.
Progressive Fighting System’s Vice President
TaeKwonDo Times Monthly Columnist

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