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(303) 881-5150

Contact Us Today at (303) 881-5150

Contact Us Today at (303) 881-5150

Contact Us Today at (303) 881-5150

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School Etiquette

  1. When you enter the dojang bow at the door to the: Sabumnim (Head instructor) and other black belts. When you leave the dojang bow at the door and to the: Sabumnim, and other black belts.
  2. Whenever you arrive during a class, enter the dojang and wait until your instructor places you in the class. Do not leave the class without permission from the instructor.
  3. Always wear a clean, neat uniform to class, and NO jewelry – it can be dangerous to yourself and others.
  4. Personal hygiene is important. Also keep nails on both hands and feet trimmed back to protect both yourself and your partner.
  5. Please address all black belts as either “Sir” or “Ma’am,” and Mr., Mrs., or Ms. where appropriate regardless of age. This is done to show respect for their instructor status while in the dojang.
  6. Whenever you approach your instructor, bow first and then ask to speak to him politely.
  7. Conversation is not permitted during class.
  8. Whenever you need assistance simply inform your instructor that you do not know a particular movement and he will take care of you. Never ask him to show you or demonstrate how to do something. Just explain that you do not know something, and trust him to take care of it.
  9. All students must be courteous and must obey their instructor. Advanced students should set a good example for the lower belts.
  10. Do not demonstrate or teach Martial Arts outside the school without the express permission of the instructor. Never degrade the Martial Arts or the reputation of your school.
  11. You must have permission from your instructor to participate in any tournament or martial art activity.
  12. Each student is a member of our family, therefore it would be appreciated if you would let us know if you are ill, are too busy, going on vacation, or will be absent for an extended period. Changes affecting your training are our concern, stop by or call to let us know.
  13. All students are responsible to keep the dojang clean.
  14. No sparring or contact allowed without black belt supervision.
  15. Do not attempt to practice techniques you have not been shown directly by your instructor – there is a reason for this.
  16. Do not pursue your training so strongly as to injure yourself or others.
  17. You are responsible for your own equipment – take care of it.
  18. If overly fatigued or having sharp pain you may drop out or stop a specific activity without the instructor permission. Realize that training with an injury can lead to further and more serious injury pay attention to what your body tells you.
  19. Always show respect to your seniors and each other and take it upon yourself to help and encourage your juniors.
  20. No adults allowed in changing room with children
  21. Uniforms(Do Bok)are only to be worn in class. Please wear street cloths to and from the Do Jang.
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